Experiences at Carleton College Summer Math Program

Stephanie Mosier, a 2001 Mathematics grad, participated in a summer math program at Carleton College. The program won't be running in 2002, but there are plenty of other opportunities listed here.

Here is what Stephanie wrote about her experience:

During the summer of 1999, I participated in the Carleton/St. Olaf Colleges Summer Program for Women in Mathematics. This program is for math majors who have just completed their freshman or sophomore year. It took place from June 27-July 25 at Carleton College in Northfield, MN. There were 18 participants, 2 mentors, 2 professors, directors, and several guest speakers.

The program consisted of two proof-intensive courses, Game Theory and Low-dimensional Dynamics, which met every other day for three hours. These courses vary from year to year. Additionally, there was a problem session every Monday night, a panel discussion every Tuesday afternoon (the panel discussions were about succeeding as a math major, advice about graduate school, and career options), a colloquium every Tuesday and Thursday night, and a "chat" with Deanna, one of the directors, every Wednesday night. Then during the weekends, there were organized outings such as hiking, tubing, canoeing, going shopping at the Mall of America, etc.

The participants and mentors all lived on the same floor of a dorm on campus; some had roommates, some did not. Our room and board, as well as travel, was paid for, and in addition, we received a stipend of $1300 for the month.

The program was a wonderful experience. It was very informative about the various opportunities that there are for math majors. Also, the proof intensive courses helped my proof writing immensely. And most importantly, the people were very friendly and helpful. It was encouraging to talk to others who were like me, who enjoy math, and were simply curious about what opportunities there are for math majors. The supportive network that I formed through this program has been very helpful. We have kept in touch through email, which has been great to hear from them especially since we are all going through the same things (taking the math GRE, applying to grad school, etc.), only at different places.

For more information about this program, please see the website at http://www.mathcs.carleton.edu/smp/index.html.

Elizabeth Johnson
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