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History of Mathematics

Specific resources arranged chronologically

·       An article by Don Allen on Babylonian mathematics.

·       A very nice bibliography on Babylonian mathematics by Eleanor Robson at Oxford.

·       Images of pages from some of the rare books in the Vatican collection of Greek mathematics.

·       There are a number of sites devoted to Euclid's Elements, easily the most influential work in all of mathematics:

o   Ralph Abraham maintains the Visual Elements of Euclid site.

o   David Joyce maintains another site focued on the Elements of Euclid.

·       A page devoted to Archimedes by Chris Rorres at Drexel University.

·       The Maya calendar site (maintained at the Maya World Studies Center in Mérida, Yucatán, México) has a good article on Mayan mathematics.

·       Japanese sangaku (temple geometry problems) are exhibited at this page by Hiroshi Kotera. There is a related page showing how sangi are used to solve polynomial equations.

·       The Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale and the Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza, both of Florence, Italy, and the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin have prepared an electronic publication of the Ms. Gal. 72, a manuscript by Galileo Galilei.

·       Biographies of Women Mathematicians are being prepared by students at Agnes Scott College.

·       My colleague here at Xavier, Sheila Doran, has designed a course called (MATH 125 Mathematical Perspectives:Women in Mathematics).

Number Theory

General Mathematics

Miscellaneous links
with MAPLE

·       Waterloo Maple (current release is Maple7) has an Applications Center and a Student Center as a resource for using the software.

with TI calculators

·       TIMath is a resource site for users of TI calculators.


The Teaching of Mathematics


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